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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between shared transfers (Shuttle) and private transfers?

Shared transfer, as the name indicates, is shared with more clients, when everybody arrives the bus leaves the Airport towards the different hotels. If the transfer is to return to the Airport then the shuttle will go to the different hotels to pick up all the clients and take them to the Airport.
Private transfer is exclusively for you (or your group) and we will have a vehicle booked so that when you arrive we will take you directly from the Airport to your destination or vice-versa, from your Hotel directly to the Airport.

Which trips can I book?

Our system takes three booking options:
Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel (Arrival only)
Transfer from the Hotel to the Airport (Departure only)
Transfer from the Airport - Hotel - Airport (Arrival and Departure)
Are there any extra charges added to the prices?
No, the final price includes all fees and taxes.

My flight arrives very early in the morning; Can I book a transfer?

Yes, our service is 24 hours a day.

Will I receive some type of booking receipt?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirming your booking. It is essential to print it and bring it with you. You should show it to our personnel on arrival at Faro Airport.

Will it take me to a country house or a private apartment?

The shared transfers (shuttle) transfers are only available for tourist hotels and apartments. If you book a transfer to a private apartment or a country house you should indicate the nearest Hotel or tourist resort, and that is where we will take you and pick you up. From this point you should make your own arrangements to get to your country house or private apartment.
Transfers to country houses or private apartments can only be accepted if they are accessible and that depends on the size of the booked vehicle.

If I book a shared transfer, will I have to wait much for the Bus to leave?

The maximum waiting time at the airport is 45 minutes from the arrival at our desk. As we wait for clients from different flights and different nationalities. If you are the last passenger we are waiting for then we set off towards the various hotels as soon as you get on. In the middle of the high season, due to the number of passengers, waiting time is reduced quite a lot.

When can I book up till?

We accept bookings up to 36 hours before the service, but don’t leave it to the last minute.

Can I modify my booking?

Of course, you can modify your booking up to 24 hours before the service by sending an e-mail to, if the modification means a change in price (More or less people than initially booked, destinations with different rates, etc.) you should contact us so that we can make the corresponding charge or refund, whichever is required.

Can I cancel my booking?

Of course, for cancellations notices received at least 48 hours before the time of service, we charge a cancellation fee of 50%. Cancellation notices received with less than 48 hours will have no refund.

How can I cancel a booking?

By sending us an e-mail to with all of your data and reference number and requesting the cancellation of the service. We will send you the cancellation confirmation once we have refunded the money.

I use a wheelchair, can I book a transfer?

You can book a shared transfer if you can move (Get on/off the bus) and if the wheelchair is foldable, takes up little space and fits in the boot.
People with restricted mobility, with electric wheelchairs that cannot be folded or that are very large, should book a private transfer and notify us at the time of booking so that we can have a suitable vehicle available.

How much luggage can I bring?

We admit the same amounts as the usual amounts for airline companies.

Are cots considered as luggage?

Yes, we consider them as part of the luggage.

Which types of articles are not admitted as normal luggage?

We do not admit surfboards, bicycles, golf bags, dog cages and all other voluminous articles that take up more space than a standard travel suitcase.
Pets are not admitted on private or shared bus transport either.


What should I do on arrival at Faro Airport?

We remind you that at your arrival at Faro airport you will need to reach the Tour operator’s area (inside the arrival hall) and find the Stand Nº7 recognizable by the sign FaroShuttleBus where our staff will attend you, and tell you which bus you go on.
If at your arrival you have troubles finding our stand, please call (0034) 662 664 857.

I have booked a shared transfer (Shuttle) Can I get on the bus without first having checked in at the Faroshuttlebus counter?

No, in order to board the shared transfer Bus you have to go to our counter where our staffl will inform you which bus you will be getting on

I have booked a shared transfer (Shuttle), will it take me to the hotel reception?

It depends, there are hotels that are not accessible by Bus (narrow streets) so there are common drop off/pick up points for passengers.

I have booked a shared transfer (Shuttle), how can I find out beforehand if my hotel is included in the common pick up/drop off points for passengers?

By clicking on the following link you will see the list of hotels that are included in the common pick up/drop off points for passengers.

Can I see a map of these points?

By clicking on the following link we will show you the common pick up/drop off points for passengers.

My flight is delayed, what should I do?

Don’t worry about delays, our personnel is permanently in the Airport and they take care of revising all the arrival bookings so, if your flight is delayed, we take care of getting you on another bus that will take you to your hotel.


How can I find out the time for my shared transfer (Shuttle) pick up?

By phoning +34 952463458, 24 hours before your flight departure and you should identify yourself with the reference number of your booking, and we will tell you the day, place and time that we will pick you up.

I have booked a shared transfer (Shuttle), do I have to confirm my pick up time?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary, the shared transfer does not have a pre-established route, it varies constantly depending on the number of stops, passengers, etc, that can use the service and therefore it is ESSENTIAL that you phone to find out your pick up time.

I have booked a shared transfer (Shuttle). If I don’t phone to confirm my return time to the airport, can I lose my transfer?

Yes, we prepare all the services with all the bookings we have and, if you don’t phone to find out the pick up time, we will come just the same but, if you don’t use the service, you will not have the right to a refund.

Can I choose the time I want to be picked up to go to the airport?

No, we set up the transfers in such a way that you arrive at the airport 120 minutes before your flight departure. The shared transfer (Shuttle) pick up time cannot be chosen.

Where will I get picked up?

At the same place where we left you off on arrival, remember that there are hotels that are not accessible by Bus (narrow streets) and that’s why there are common points where we drop off/pick up passengers. To consult the list of common points click on the link in your confirmation mail.

My Bus has not arrived on time, What should I do?

If your Bus has not arrived after waiting 20 minutes from the scheduled time, phone our emergency Telephone; +34 662 664 857

  • 00351 914 812 953

    00351 914 812 953

    Every Day from 09:00 to 18:00

  • Faro Airport Assistance

    Faro Airport Assistance

    Our agents in Faro airport will kindly receive and follow you to the bus which will transfer you to the door of your hotel.

  • Every hour, 365 days a year

    Every hour, 365 days a year

    Each day of the year every hour of the day our buses are constantly picking up and transfering passengers like you from Faro airport to their hotels and vice versa.

  • 								To the door of your hotel

    To the door of your hotel

    Every hour we bring hundreds of passengers from Faro airport to the door of their hotel. We also bring passengers from the door of their hotel to the airport 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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